Importance Of Private Property

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I looked into a book on Tape edition and dropped for the time being having higher priorities for the book.

My book only has about 100 pages so it is a very easy read, and I’ve read it in one day, a couple of times.

I got The Law as a gift about 40 years ago. Still review my copy from time to time.

Bastiat is pretty good, a friend Leonard Read of FEE, now deceased had it translated into English and published.



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Hello Fred.

I just wanted to thank you for the advice about “never asking an agent to cut their commission”, etc. while I had my house on the market.  It sold quite well an we are happily settling down in Asheville, NC – a totally Democrat heaven.  So I need your book!!!!

When will  it be available with as I am a relatively bad reader!  :-)   I listen to a few books per month!

Hope all is well and it seems that the book has been doing well.  I may become involved with starting A BAstiat Society group here in Asheville.  Will be much like farting against thunder but your book should help.   I recommend you get in touch with them even if only to help sell your book.

Thanks again.

Best wishes, Ken G

Fred Schnaubelt :

Approve it: Currently 10,098 comments are waiting for approval. Please visit the moderation panel: Plus over 100 excerpts correcting postings on FACEBOOK.

You may be thinking to yourselves Fred is speaking to the choir.  But the choir is the most important group in politics. The choir is those who are passionate about politics, the key to our success. It is critical that all of us spend time and effort energizing the choir and providing it the intellectual ammunition to influence others to join our cause. Teach why capitalism (the free market) based on “voluntary exchange” is the only moral economic system ever devised.  The purpose of teaching others about the philosophy of freedom, the importance of private property, a market economy and limited government is not to convert others into believing in freedom from government, but rather to find them. More precisely, help them find themselves in becoming passionate about individual liberty and swell the ranks of the choir. The choir is Isaiah’s Remnant who carries civilization forward generation to generation.  “Knowledge is Political Power,” and it is intellectual ammunition.

Speaking Engagements: Cajon Valley Federate Women 6/18/13, Women VIPs 7/23/13, Intermountain Federated Women 10/28/13

Fred Schnaubelt has done a lot of research, compiling interesting, entertaining, and insightful arguments for Liberty-minded Americans who are constantly under fire from “progressive” elites. This handy compendium of political issues is something that can easily be reviewed before engaging in a discussion.  Great for “Teachable Moments.”  -Tony Krvaric, Chairman, Republican Party of San Diego County

Reaching those who rarely hear our side – especially the politically disengaged – is critical if we are serious about preserving the Union. Fred’s book is an extraordinarily helpful resource based in truth and designed to reach beyond our traditional audiencesJon Coupal, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Romancing the Voters is going to become one of the most dog-eared books in your library. The knowledge you gain from this book will change the way you converse about politics. You’ll make your case more appealing as you develop Ronald Reagan style anecdotes (pg 89). You’ll learn to redefine words liberals use, such as changing ‘minimum wage’ to ‘learning wage’ (pg 57). Best of all, you can stop being silent when confronted with issues you are hesitant to defend because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. – Lynette Gain Williams, President, Women Volunteers in Politics, San Diego


You can depend on this brief handbook when you need to be quickly conversant on issues you do not have time to research and when you want more political power. Political Cross Dressing is the art of using your adversary’s own talking points against him or her. It is vitally important to learn both sides of various issues to avoid being blind-sided. We all hold contradictory beliefs; we understand the meaning of words differently. Knowledge is power! Politics and elections today are about who gets nearly $4 trillion of government spending (2013) and who pays for it. This Handbook is a compilation of some of the most persuasive responses to numerous political issues, taken from over 500 books, issues that resurface year after year in the press and discussions with friends.  The best part: You do not have to buy all 500 books to get the nuggets. No class in campaigning is complete without it, and a great teaching moment with your kids and grandkids. Jesus Christ cured 10 lepers in one day and only one thanked him, “Thanks” being rare.  So let me take this opportunity to thank all who have bought the book, especially those who’ve bought two and three, whoever ordered 24 and the 10,098 people taking time to comment at  Free Chapters 1 & 2. (Book in both digital and paperback July 4, 2013).


Murray Rothbard’s America’s Great Depression

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September 30

Any serious person who wants to know about the Great Depression and the cause needs to read Murray Rothbard’s America’s Great Depression and the Fed’s incredible increase in the money supply during the “Roaring Twenties,” Milton Friedman’s, “ Monetary History of the United States” and how the Fed took 1/3 of the money out of circulation coupled with the impact of the Smoot Hawley Tariff, and Roberts Higgs’ “Regime Uncertainty” on how the country recovered, and it was not WWII that got us out of the Great Depression.

The Real Side Joe Messina interview of Author Fred Schnaubelt Romancing The Voters Audio Links

Live The Right Side Interview on 8/19/2013

The Real Side Joe Messina interview of Author Fred Schnaubelt Romancing The Voters Part 1 Audio Link

The Real Side Joe Messina interview of Author Fred Schnaubelt Romancing The Voters Part 2 Audio Link

Women VIPs

Women VIPs
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TUESDAY, Aug. 27, 2013

San Diego has been on National News lately with our Mayor Bob Filner.

So I ask you: What do Politicians and diapers have in common?…………………..……………….. They both must be changed often……………………. and for the same reason.

 All political power is derived from what you can do to or for someone!

 Why do you think so many political candidates come before you?  They believe the VIPs have enormous political clout — which it does — far more than you can imagine.  You are part of the so-called grassroots, which overcomes what is reported in the media.

Lynette has been kind enough to let me tell you about my new book, Romancing The Voters, New Talking Points for Republicans (or the TEA Party).  This is a book for those who don’t have time to research political issues in depth and want to be more politically powerful, more influential and more effective in countering the nonsense that spews daily from Liberals.

I don’t mention Bob Filner in the book but point out no U.S. President has received a majority of the votes from the Voter Eligible Population in the last 100 years.  President Obama got 31% of the votes from those registered to vote. By contrast, Bob Filner only got 24% to be elected Mayor.

                                                               Insert HIGH HEELS humor

Last Friday I was discussing the minimum wage with a liberal.  He was trying to make the case that Wal-Mart does not pay a living wage.  I asked him why 3,000 or more people apply for Wal-Mart jobs whenever they open a store with 300 positions to fill. In Chicago Wal-Mart received 25,000 applications, a world record,  indicating it is over paying for the jobs it offers.  He said there was a shortage of jobs in the country — as if that was an answer.

In Romancing The Voters, I point out that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics only 4.7% of wage earners are paid the minimum wage, which is really a “learning” wage, and that only 1% of new employees are paid the minimum wage after 3 years.

How many of you are aware of how few people are paid the minimum wage?

How many of you have heard or read that people demand ever more government services for which they are unwilling to be taxed? In Romancing the Voter I cite a study that documents 63% of the request for more Congressional spending, at the federal level anyways, came from government officials.

How many of you know why America is Rich and the only way to increase the general standard of living?

The way the media reports the growing gap between rich and poor can be explained by an analogy.  Statistically speaking, when Bill Gates walks into a McDonald’s everyone present is instantly a billionaire if you average his 67 billion among the others. The media reports the gap between rich and poor by comparing groups or quintiles not comparing individuals. Over a ten-year period over half the people in the lowest quintile move to a higher income quintile and over half those in the top quintile move to a lower quintile and are replaced by others.  There is a lot movement up and down the income ladder.

President Obama, for the second time is asking for a discussion on race.  Let’s acknowledge he leads the Democrat Party which has been racist since inception and for 200 years it oppressed, suppressed, and murdered so many Blacks that the Ku Klux Klan was indicted by a Grand Jury as the “Terrorist” arm of the Democrat Party.  Let’s discuss why Martin Luther King was a Republican! Or, Booker T. Washington, 100 years ago acknowledging a class of Blacks that make a living from agitating for Blacks because it pays!

Sometimes conservative groups such as this get so depressed and think things have gotten so bad they want to go home and turn on the gas, what with the universities dominated by liberals, and also the media and Hollywood.  But whatever liberals are doing it is failing.  Liberalism is failing.  For decades now over twice as many people self-report they are conservative as liberals.  In a recent Gallup poll it was 46% to 20%. If you want to correct the media’s misinformation and have more political power, Buy Romancing The Voters – After all, knowledge is power.



Reminder – Wisdom of a Billionair​e

E. A. September 25, 1916 – February 1, 2010

Do it now…   

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it…  

If it is broken, fix it now… 

Take good care of your car and your house… 

Whatever you imagine and dream you can realize… 

You have to give back to the community that nurtured you… 

Respect your mother… 

She is your best friend. 

Always listen to your mother…

Anything is possible… 

Buy low, sell high… 

You make the money when you buy, not when you sell…  

Hang up your coat; put your books where they belong…  

Anything is okay in moderation… 

You can’t live your life in fear… 

You learn when you are listening not when you are speaking… 

See the world… 

Have a plan… 

The best things in life are free…  

Finish what you start… 

If you fall, pick yourself up and try again… 

Keep all the friends you’ve made on your way up the ladder…  

Never show your hand… 

Don’t brag about your achievements, let others brag for you… 

Don’t brag about your kids… 

See the cup as half full… 

Know when to cut your losses… 

Just like a farmer, plant enough seeds; eventually you’ll have a crop… 

Every day is a gift… 

Look forward to challenges… 

You never know, there may be a pony at the bottom of the heap…  

Always think positive… 

Nature is the best place to meditate…  Always have animals around… 

Use your best china and silver… 

Spend the Sabbath with your family…  It’s never too late to learn something new… 

Early to bed early to rise… 

People work better when they are dressed for work… 

Save your money for a rainy day…  

If you don’t have it, don’t spend it…  

Pay off your debts…  

Don’t buy me anything, make me something instead… 

Tell me what a good father I am… 

Like Aesop’s fable of the Tortoise and the Hare—slow and steady wins the race…  Take a chance; gambling in moderation is okay, especially at the track… 

Learn to play golf, bridge, poker, or pinochle…  

Smile lines are good—Laughter is better… 

Have goals… 

Treat everyone with respect! 

Respect people who work hard regardless of their acquisitions… 

I am proud to be an American…  America is the greatest country in the world!..

Last but not least: Celebrate with friends!…


Fred Schnaubelt’s goal is to promote and advertise this book in various venues

Romancing The Voters [Kindle Edition]

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Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

Calvin Coolidge

The venues that primarily cater to Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians and TEA Party members.

You can see a sample of the book on This is to be followed up by a second book of issues in 2014. I’m  Fred Schnaubelt, Fred I’ve gained great insight into the issues and which prompted me to go on 35 year quest to find the most persuasive answers to counter liberal balderdash,  and “I approve this message.”  You can Google Fred Schnaubelt for more background information.




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Test Your Political IQ

Are you embarrassed when your friends know these answers and you don’t? Now you can know more than your associates, reporters and politicians.

(Compare your knowledge before and after reading this book)

“ Who said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and rich is better”?

“ No President since 1904 has received a majority vote from the Voter Eligible Population (aka Registered Voters)?

“ When Bill Gates walks into McDonalds, according to “the rich get richer,” everyone present is instantly a billionaire?

“ President Obama won the Presidency with just 31% of the VEP (aka Registered Voters)?

“ That some local elected officials can win a Primary Election with fewer than 5% of the Voter Eligible Population?

“ That government is not a necessary evil, as often claimed, but indispensable for a free market economy?

“ Why liberals and conservatives think differently?

“ Who said, “The U.S. has the richest poor people in the world”?

“ That the founders intentionally established a system of perpetual Gridlock?

“ Newspapers don’t print the truth, they print what people say? (So said an L.A. Times Star Reporter)

“ Why President Obama’s health care bill is 2,700 pages long?

“ Liberals, on average, contribute 30% to 50% less than conservatives to charities

“ Do you know that government employees do not pay any income taxes?

“ Why most businessmen (big business) are not defenders of free enterprise?

“ Waste and Fraud will never go away?

“ You’re 11-times more likely to be shot accidentally by a policeman than an armed citizen?

 “ If you earned $113,799 in 2009, the IRS put you in the top 10% of income earners?

“ That 86% of Fortune 500 companies in 1959 were gone from the list by 2009?

“ 89 countries have higher murder rates than the U.S.?

“ Many of the reports of “children” killed by guns are due to juvenile gang members killing other juvenile gang members.

“ The police fired 200 rounds to kill just one of the two Boston Marathon Bombers?

“ Secret Service Agents can change 10 round clips of ammunition in one and a half seconds, or less?

“ Who thinks it is unfair for smart, talented people to succeed?

“ The price of gasoline “adjusted for inflation in 1919” was $3.84 per gallon; in 2012, it was 29 cents less than in 1918?

“ Europe has had as many mass killings as the U.S.?

“ Who said, “I want to move to a country where the poor people are fat”?

“ Why the so-called “Public Good” is impossible to determine?

“ Who said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed, if you do you are mis-informed?

“ The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was indicted as a “terrorist” arm of the Democrat Party?

“ A 2003 study by Scotland Yard reported six times as many murders by knives as by guns in England?

“ Children are 14 times more likely to be killed by cars and bicycles than by guns?

“ Less than 1% of criminals get their guns at “Gun Shows”?

“ Why TEA PARTY members are so hated and vilified?

“ What President Obama, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Sarah Palin have in common?

“ How to prove Liberalism has been a colossal failure?

“ Most taxpayers do not “ask” for government services for which they are unwilling to be taxed? (And who does?)

“ States with the greatest increases in gun ownership have had the largest drops in crime?

“ How to explain that “Society” is at fault for crime is a frequently cited stupid statement?

“ What country sentenced a killer to 3.3 months in prison for each child he killed?

“ Why everyone in Zimbabwe is a billionaire?

“ The minimum wage in reality is a “learning Wage”?

“ Why foreigners trained in America cannot make as much money doing the same job going back to their own country?

“ The Death Penalty is an absolute deterrent to murder?

“ Very few people receiving the minimum wage must use it to support families?

“ Why America is Rich?

“ The only way to increases the “general” standard of living in any country?

“ The top 3% of income tax filers pay more than the other 97%?

“ Why the government’s Bread and Circuses ended in ancient Rome?

“ That 10,000 “Baby Boomers” are retiring each day with a life expectancy of 85 years?

“ The average American worker has saved less than $25,000 for retirement?

“ That some in government consider anything less than 100% of your income is a “Tax Loophole”?

“ One result of raising the “learning wage” (minimum wage) – is millions of idle, restless teenagers having time for mischief.

“ That 96% of members of Congress give the other 4% a bad name?

“ Less than 5% of the workforce is paid the minimum wage and only 1% received it for more than 3 years?

“ That there are six measures of unemployment, U-1 to U-6, and why U-3 is used?

“ Why so many countries are poor?

“ What is the single most important resource for creating wealth?

“ The “Public Good,” the “Common Good,” the Public Interest,” The “Good of the Community,” are fictions of the mind? 

“ 94% of millionaires are no longer millionaires after 9 years?

“ Why tax cuts for the rich don’t give the rich anything? 

Why the quintiles of rich and poor have little to do with the rich and poor as individuals? 

“ Why it is easier for a poor person to become rich than for a rich person to become richer?

“ That minimum wage increases often result in increases in crime?

“ Why the Democrat Party has been the “party of the rich” for decades?

“ That 7 of the 10 richest members of Congress are— and 3 of the 4 richest Presidents— have been Democrats?

“ That Republican claims of reducing spending and deficits historically have been a farce?

“ That counting $1 dollar a second will take over 2,000 years to count the cost of Social Security, Medicare, & Pensions?

“ One possible explanation why so many “good” people depend on government for cradle to grave care?

“ Why Social Security obligations are not paid in a lump sum upon retirement?

“ Why American has the “richest” poor people in the world?

“ Why the poor of the world are becoming richer than ever in history?

“ Why your neighbors who work for the government are not qualified to make decision for you?

“ The percentage government collected in taxes when Justice Holmes said, Taxes are the cost of a civilized society?

“ Less than 5% of all wage earners receive the minimum wage?

“ Less than 1% of all wage earners receive minimum wage after 3 years?

“ The cliché, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is pure Buffalo Chips?

You can have a half million dollars and still be categorized as poor by the federal government?

“ The earth will perish in 7 billion years when the sun burns out – the sun is finite but inexhaustible?

“Why the supply of oil is inexhaustible?“ Who are the primary beneficiaries of increases in the minimum wage?

“ Federal government spending has shrunk only four times in 62 years? (Not the same as balanced budget)

“ Prior to 1948 increases in the minimum wage rates Blacks had lower unemployment rates?

When Social Security was first initiated, the government calculated life expectancy was 65 years?

“ There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics? 

“ It took until 1800 for the world population to reach one billion people?

“ This year it is estimated world population will reach 7 billion?

“ That over a 10-year period more than half the poor people (bottom quintile) move into a higher quintile?

“ That over a 10-year period more than half the rich people (top quintile) move into a lower quintile?

“ How oil speculation benefits you and society as a whole?

“ The Census reports of 15% of the population living in poverty, nearly 3/4 own a car, 1/3 own two or more?

“ Families in the top 20% of the income scale have twice as many people working as in the bottom 20%?

“ Gas imported to your gas station costs less per pound than government can deliver 1st class mail across the street?

“ The U.S. is purported to hold more oil than all of Saudi Arabia?

“ That government is the only legal organization in society that derives its income from force, coercion or violence?

“ That in 2009 nearly 26 million non-paying tax filers received over $57 billion in “Earned Income Tax Credits”?

Why getting the right people in government is not the problem?

“ Due to the devaluation of the dollar (inflation) a gallon of gasoline costs less today than two 1964 dimes?

“ Martin Luther King was a Republican and Why?

“ The ideal tax is the one that gets the most feathers out of the goose with the least squawk?

“ How the rules determine the outcome of any game? Hint: In basketball make everyone play in high heels.

(Compare your knowledge before and after reading this book)

For answers see: Romancing The Voters , Kindle,, Barnes and Noble.


A champion of the limited government movement

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Brian Brady
Fred Schnaubelt cuts through the BS and explains the silly side of politics (campaigning) while revealing how dangerous the serious side of politics (governing) is today.  He reveals how politicians have figured out how to play “Santa Claus” and “buy” votes by making ridiculous promises.  God help us because some of them actually keep those ridiculous promises.

A champion of the limited government movement, Fred offers a centuries old remedy for that which ails us— constitutionally constrained government.


About the Author

Hi, I’m Fred,
At my age, I’m thinking ahead and want to go peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather and not screaming like the passengers in his car.
I was born in San Diego and for 50 years (since age 21) struggled to find the best answers to recurring political issues.
So, I’m sharing, while still able, these political nuggets gleaned from researching over 500 books on the most persuasive responses to political issues that never seem to go away.
I would have loved to have a short reference guide like this when I was on the San Diego City Council to respond quickly to these issues when they repeatedly pop up every couple of years; some of which I never heard of before being elected.
I grew up in Casa de Oro (East San Diego County). My family moved and I graduated from Pt. Loma High in 1958. I joined a family cleaning business and in 1968 became a commercial real estate broker. I got ticked off at the government, ran and was elected to the San Diego City Council in 1977 where I served only one term as promised.  I have two adult children and have been married 3 times, most recently in 1987 in Moscow, Russia (USSR) to Dr. Irina Antonova.
I need your help in forwarding your comments about the book to your friends or putting them on Facebook in order to reach politicians, Tea Party members and political junkies across the country (and BTW reach my publisher’s goal of 10,000 sales).  Please note these issues are intended to be the more controversial ones and this Handbook is for providing you with more than “Bumper Sticker” responses to important topics of the day. (Look for 15 more issues in 2014).